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About Us

Little house on the Playa is Permaculture Homestead located in the High Desert of Central Oregon. 156 acres abundant in wildlife, water in unexpected places and so much potential. With regenerative focus developing soils and living sustainably we are living our dreams and sharing with those who cross our path. We look forward to sharing our growth, successes, failures, and ultimately learning as take on life in the high desert.

About Us: Our Farm

About Us

We bought little house on the Playa in May 2021. Located in the Alvord desert, at the foot of the Steens Mountain we wake up to breathtaking sunrises, go to bed with breathtaking sunsets and sleep under more stars then most ever dream possible. This is a space full of learning, full of teaching, and full of sharing. We pinch ourselves for this opportunity to live in such beauty, for our chance to share what we learn, share opportunities to explore and share the gift of silence in this magical place.


Jesse Baker

Permaculture Design Specialist


Kristin Tarnowski

Canine Behaviorist

About Us: Meet the Team
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