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Whole Goat

Whole Goat

SKU: 364215375135191

Purchase a whole goat from us with only customer preferred cuts.  Lead time for processing your goat may be 10 to 14 days depending on schedule.   Weight range 20 – 25 lbs.

A standard whole goat includes:
2 Racks
8 Loin chops  (4 packs of 2 chops)
4 Leg shanks 
2 Leg roasts
2 Shoulder roasts
2-4 lbs bone-in meat for stew

Custom cuts are available for an additional $25 fee (choose custom option and add note on cuts desired).

Whole carcass for roasting (not cut up) is available as a custom order. Additional shipping costs are required due to over sized container requirement. Allow 2-3 weeks lead time.

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    Indulge in perfection with our USDA inspected Lamb & Goat meat. Vacuum-sealed for peak freshness, then frozen, each cut is a masterpiece. Handpicked, packed with precision, and shipped in an insulated cooler with gel packs, ensuring your order arrives frozen or chilled (42°F or below).

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    Welcome to a realm where culinary excellence meets farm-fresh authenticity. Our premium Lamb & Goat meat undergoes rigorous USDA inspection, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. Each cut is meticulously vacuum-sealed to encapsulate its pristine freshness, then masterfully frozen to preserve its natural succulence.

    Our Commitment to Quality: Experience the confidence that comes with every bite. Our farm-to-table philosophy isn't just a statement—it's our passion and promise. Your palate deserves the finest, and our commitment to meticulous care reflects in every morsel.

    Shipping Excellence: Rest assured, your order embarks on a journey of excellence. Carefully packed in USDA-approved insulated coolers, complemented by gel packs or dry ice, your selection arrives in impeccable condition. We've partnered with FedEx Express and FedEx Home delivery services to ensure timely and secure delivery, tailored to your location.

    Stay Informed, Every Step of the Way: We understand the value of transparency. Expect FedEx tracking information and delivery updates directly in your inbox. Should any unforeseen circumstance arise, our dedicated Periship experts are poised to address your concerns promptly.

    Unveiling Costs: Our Continental U.S. patrons enjoy the convenience of a flat rate shipping fee of $34.95. This all-inclusive fee encompasses the cost of the reusable insulated container and essential coolants. For our esteemed non-continental customers, a personalized surcharge discussion awaits, ensuring complete clarity in every transaction.

    Navigation Through Delays: In the event of unforeseen delays—be it inventory-related or weather-induced—our communication lines remain open. We believe in accountability. Therefore, we offer rescheduled delivery options, higher-value substitutions, or refunds, as per your preference.

    Unveiling Your Shipment: Upon arrival, your vacuum-sealed and frozen products bear witness to our commitment to excellence. Depending on the season and quantity ordered, your selections may arrive frozen or partially thawed. As long as the meat remains cool to the touch, you can confidently cook or refreeze, retaining all its exquisite flavors.

    Optimal Storage: We extend our meticulous approach to storage recommendations. Refrigeration or freezing is imperative upon receipt. Refrigerated, vacuum-sealed meat remains prime for a week at or below 34°F. After breaking the vacuum seal, ensure consumption within two to three days. For freezing, the lower your freezer's temperature (preferably below zero degrees F), the longer the storage period—up to six months.

    Mastering the Thaw: To unlock the optimal taste experience, thaw your package in its sealed packaging overnight within your refrigerator. Maintaining the original packaging during thawing safeguards flavor and natural juices. Alternatively, a cold-water method, with packaging intact, is equally effective.

    Our Solemn Pledge: In honoring the essence of exceptional taste and your culinary ambitions, we do not endorse microwave defrosting. Your culinary journey deserves the finest treatment.

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