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Pack Goat Rockhounding Adventure

Hiking with adorable pack goats!

  • 1 hour
  • 30 US dollars
  • Little House on the Playa

Service Description

Guided Rock Hounding experience along the shoreline of the Alvord Desert. Meandering through the sagebrush, along a geothermal fault line, you will find a selection of rocks and minerals that will keep your excitement and love for nature fresh! As the trails cross over the shoreline of an ancient dry lakebed and into the shoreline, evidence of history presents itself through the unique distribution of rocks and minerals. About 10,000 years ago, the Missoula Floods brought rushing waters to this area, breaking glaciers damming up the waters of this Endorheic Basin. The movement of water from across the continent brought and moved rocks, minerals and artifacts to this area. Learn as we hike with our pack goats, Hilda and Trudy. Pair your walk with a walking meditation, for experiences in observation and finding your breath; as you become aware of the present. This hike will explore a variety of microclimates, from dry lakebed (playa) to wetlands, springs, scrub sagebrush, a geothermal fault line, and even a pond! We are constant students, prepared to guide and help identify findings. As members of the Archeological Society and numerous continued education classes, Kristin's teaching background makes this an adventure, with learning!

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